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Oration by GM
Oration by GM

GMMy dear friends and fellows,

Warmly welcome to our website.

Today I am incredibly honored to address right here, and would like to extend my sincere greetings and heartfelt gratitude to all the friends and customers who come alongside of us from all walks of life. After more than 60 years’ hardships, Zhongyin has grown from a cottage workshop into a national battery manufacturer. I am quite sure the achievement to this day did not come without challenges, sacrifices, determination, grit and sweat. It is you who make the moment.

Firstly I am thankful for everyone working at Zhongyin, who selflessly continues his day-to-day essential duties. Every hour of your hard work brings the whole company closer to a prospective stage. Also thanks for those friends, customers and suppliers who persist in supporting, helping and trusting us and what you kindly do is much highly appreciated and treasured. All your truly cooperation and contribution make us take pride in what we got today.I am speaking to you today at what we all know there coming new opportunities and challenges. Sonluk men of all faiths will join with each other in a common endeavor, working side by side, vigorously promoting the brand construction, improving advanced technology, offering high-quality products and devoted service, so as to actively participate in various market competition.

The network is always a bridge, a tool to enhance understanding, promote relationship, and strengthen bonds with each other. Thereby I really hope your visit to our website would be a pleasant journey and your kind suggestions will be sincerely valued by us.

We keep faith that arduous work makes changes, but also defines present and future. I wish we could be together in person to celebrate this moment and keep going for a new prospect.

Thank all.

May you a nice day!

William Wang

Director and GM



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