Zhongyin (Ningbo) Battery Co., Ltd

Research Center

The Research & Development Center of Electrochemical Power Engineering Technical located in the company is one of the largest laboratories in Zhejiang province. We invest more than 3 million RMB per year in research and development for the new products, technologies and equipments. Our company owns Automatic Detecting System for Cell, Imported atomic absorption spectrometer, Cold Atomic Absorption Analyzer of mercury, 4XA Metallurgical Microscope, SRM - (D) surface roughometer, etc, which play an important role in inspecting raw material, controlling producing processes and testing products.

Equipment Innovation

We successfully developed a new type 6LR61 mercury-free alkaline battery and high capacity LR03, LR6 mercury-free alkaline battery, Automatic Blister Packaging Machine, Automatic Tester, Gel Making & Bubble Out Machine and Cathode Material Mixer Machine, etc. 6LR61 mercury-free alkaline battery, Automatic Blister Packaging Machine and Automatic Tester have reached the national level and started to operate then.


Quality and Control management

The inspectors check out raw material stock, control the producing process and inspect the finished products in order to check and supervise the quality according to the technological requirements and QC management. Meanwhile, technicians are located in the key production lines to monitor the producing process and solve problems timely.


Our company emphasizes the comprehensive quality of employees and holds training activities constantly. In addition, we have brought in more than 100 graduates, some of whom have doctorates or master's degrees. Moreover, one senior engineer and one overseas postdoctoral fellow are also employed by our company.


Staffing and Training

All new employees shall study the basic knowledge of battery, and pass ISO9001:2000 and ISO141:1996 quality and environmental management system as the evaluation standard. Employees who adjust positions shall be retrained. In addition, experts are invited to train technicians and inspectors for them acquire enough knowledge of quality management to be qualified for their positions.

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